TheRunningPlan join runRICKYrun supporters…….

We are proud to announce the another supporter for the runRICKYrun Project.

The Running Plan have agreed to provide customised training programs to Ricky for the project. Currently Ricky is in week 4 of the 18 week program in preparation for Boston Marathon in April.

Ricky stated, “I have always felt that I would be able to finish the 6 marathons if I can stay injury free. After meeting with Mark and conversing with Jeff, I now feel motivated that the challenge will certainly be achievable and I could even get myself in with a chance to beat my 4:08 PB”.

”The real challenge will be in Q3 when I have Berlin, Chicago & New York Marathons within 7 weeks. I was worried how my body will cope with the race, recovery, race, recovery, race in such a short time. However after seeing how professional the customised training programs are, I feel that I can cope with all the challenges that this project will throw at me.

Jeff added “all the very best with your amazing project & adventure”

If you are looking to run faster, run further, enter a marathon, half marathon or just need some structured support please contact Mark & Jeff at their website