LONDON MARATHON 2019 (42.195km)


-403Days -19Hours -35Minutes -8Seconds

TOKYO MARATHON 2019 (42.195km)

-460Days -3Hours -35Minutes -8Seconds

NEW YORK MARATHON 2018 (42.195km)

-578Days -21Hours -35Minutes -8Seconds

Chicago Marathon 2018 (42.195km)

-606Days -11Hours -35Minutes -8Seconds

Berlin Marathon 2018 (42.195km)


-992Days -18Hours -35Minutes -8Seconds


Bukit Pulau Marathon 2018 (BPM Run 2018)



  • To adopt healthy living through running activity. Create a community that is physically and mentally balanced to promote good health;
  • Promote Penang state into a running and runners’ state;
  • Promote unity and understanding of different cultures through sports in Penang State as well as Malaysia;
  • To boost the Penang tourism industry to truly showcase the essence of Penang.
-760Days -21Hours -35Minutes -8Seconds